Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Twin City Opera House McConnelsville, Oh. 8/9/08

Hey gang,

As promised here it is. My post about our investigation at the Twin City Opera House theater in McConnelsville. We had a GREAT time. I could not believe how much fun it was to investigate this historic place. We did not have any personal experiences, but we did catch a few EVP's which were kind of interesting. A couple were direct responses to questions that were asked, so that was kind of cool. One that stood out most to me that I captured was a child saying "got it". The really weird part is that there were no children present and my friend Brent nor I heard it at the time of recording. We were in the far corner of the deepest level of the basement doing an EMF (electro magnetic field) sweep of the area. I had my camcorder rolling with the IR on so that we could roll footage in total darkness. The battery was fully charged but drained within seven minutes down there. I can't figure that one out. The really weird part is that the camera shut off just around the same time that the "got it" EVP was captured.

Could a playful child spirit have had something to do with this? I don't know. It could be all a big coincidence, but it is definitly odd. One other EVP that stood out was captured by both my wife and also my good friend and co-founder Stephanie. They were up in the catwalk area above the stage also doing EVP work. You can hear Steph ask if there "is anyone here with us". To which my wife replies "it's starting to feel creepy up here" and then Steph acknowledges by saying "uh huh" which is then followed by a male voice right next to them saying "uh uh" as if disagreeing with them. There were no other people present in this area when this was recorded. We have a few more EVPs that were captured and hope to have them up on our website very soon. I'll let everyone know when that is all available.

All in all we had a great time and thanks again to our friends in TOPS for allowing us to tag along and even use some of their equipment. It was kind of a full house that night and we would like to go again very soon with a smaller group to do a follow up investigation. I can't really say the place is haunted just yet, but from what I have heard from the EVP's and the way my camera acted up, there is definitly paranormal activity going on at the Opera House. In the meantime check out our website http://www.roseville-paranormal.com to see the pictures from the investigation that were taken through out the night. There are no "ghost photos" just random snapshots of us at work. We had a blast and hope to get there again real soon. I hope to see you all at the seminar on August 23 at 7pm. Tickets are $10 at the door. So until next time boys and ghouls, sleep tight!


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